Sunday, April 12, 2009

One of My Many Collabs...

It seems '09 is the year of collabs pour moi. Check out a collab I did with the homie, Wes B, J-Dubble and Blaze the Verbal Chemist. The track is called Breaks, Beats & Rhymes. Hope you enjoy...

Just In Case You Missed It...

I just like really like this picture... don't mind me.

Two-eighth's of the Tygah Woods ( crew;
Blaze the Verbal Chemist & J-Dubble.

Now get yo hands up and get em high!!!

Verbal Slang: THE Product of Greatness & THE Connoisseur of Fine Rhyme

D.Francis joins J-Dubble for a rendition of "Back 2 Your Roots."

Sharing the stage w/one of my musical mentors, Mr. Still Fantastic, J-Dubble.
Always a great feeling...

I got my two step minus the drink.

Rusty Lowdown, the 6 Million Dollar Hypeman and host of "A Night With Slangston Hughes," Blaze the Verbal Chemist & J-Dubble displaying the brand spanking new Tygah Woods tees.

This is probably right before the fire marshall shut down the show. An energized version of "Fall Back," which had me jumping on chairs. Check out my homie, Ken joining in on the festivities with me.

*All pics courtesy of Taslim Van Huttum of*