Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Kind of Rapper Are You???

Every rapper these days has there own style (so to speak). With that being said, the following might help those who haven't exactly narrowed down their creative niche or perplex them even more than they were before. I decided to take two of my favorite things; Hip-Hop & coffee and combine them into a little "taste" test called: What Kind of Rapper Are You??? So, without further adieu where do y'all measure up?

- Mocca Java: Earthy and very full bodied, with hints of spice and gentle sweetness.

- Peruvian Organic: Certified organic... light, with floral acidity and subtle fruitiness
(Sissy bounce rappers maybe???)

- Raspberry Hibiscus: A symphony of color, aroma and rich character sure to leave an impression (THAT'S ME!)

- Espresso Roast: Full-bodied and well-balanced, with the characteristic flavor of fine espresso.

- French Roast: Our darker roast, intensely bold and full-bodied with a pleasant, smoky flavor.

- Colombia: A rich, balanced coffee, with a medium-to-full body and a clean winey flavor.

Develop your own description with some of the phrases below:
* traditional blend, smooth and aromatic, a confection..., preferred blend, velvety.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Artistry of Uniquity

I've been blessed to work with a very talented artist by the name of Que Duong ( Whether it's a camera, paintbrush, pencil or computer mouse, Que gets it in. He's been doing graphics for me specifically regarding Uniquity since last summer. Look for some of these to possibly be in print later on this year. Hope you enjoy as we'll have more flyers being created by monthly.