Thursday, October 6, 2011

24 Facts about Dollar$ & Daialogue (Pt. 2)

The follow-up to our first EP, Dollar$ & Daialogue 1.5 has been received nicely over the past couple of weeks since its release with posts on Kevin Nottingham, Cluster Funk Collective and Hip Hop Wired blogs and positive feedback from listeners on both coasts (the Gulf and West respectively, lol). We've included twelve more factoids from the other half of the D&D duo, L'Daialogue DiCaprio. Check em out below:

13. Most of the samples from the initial EP and new D&D projects consists of classic breaks from old Memphis & New Orleans based records.

14. "Do It Tonight" was the first song recorded for Dollars & Daialogue.

15. At the urging of Mr. J'ai (founding Tygah Woods member), Slangston & L'Daialogue were advised to record an EP vs. an LP because the shorter length made for a better listen.

16. Dollars & Daialogue has been covered by many different publications such as Offbeat Magazine.

17. Dollars & Daialogue has also been covered by, Clusterfunk Collective, Urban Orleans, the REUP Spot, & among other blogs.

18. Each song off of Dollars & Daialogue is an interconnected theme of money-based songs i.e. Payable To Me.

19. Our muse for the ideal "girl" on the song "Ladies In The Crowd" was the actress/poet/emcee/DJ Amanda [Diva] Seales.

20. Touted New Orleans DJ, EF Cuttin contributed to the project representing the legendary PsychoWard Crew which includes DJ Raj Smooth (Lil' Wayne producer), DJ Wop & DJ Bigg Cheeeze.

21. "Payable To Me" was the last song recorded for the project featuring Lyrikill and a flipped sample from L'Daialogue's Wi-Fi.

22. "Rockin Out" was inspired by a recent Honda Odyssey TV commercial sampling Judas Priest's "The Hellion."

23. An extended retail version is in the works for the Dollars & Daialogue project(s).

24. If you listen very closely...there may be ANOTHER hidden track
inside the other hidden track on the project.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hip-Hop... The Gift That Keeps On Giving...

Hip-Hop has its fair share of ups & downs for an upcoming emcee, especially if you're putting on your own events & the majority of promo, networking, etc. However, that's another story for another time. A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in a brief period of self-doubt, minute depression and disappointing show attendance et al detracting factors associated with the rap game. That was until I received this "treasure" in the mail from a colleague that reignited my fervor for my culture and my respective place in it regarding a recent performance I had at an elementary school.

Shout out to Byrone & his teacher at the time, Ms. Craven of Truman Middle School for the support the proverbial pick me up! I DID return AND performed at the gym in front of the majority of the student body just as Byrone hoped for with the big homie, DJ Rik Ducci the next year. I signed alot of autographs that day and can only hope Byrone got one.It was a moment I'll never forget and thoroughly enjoyed. We'll work on Byrone's spelling of my stage moniker for another time. As for now, I'm having a positive change of heart!