Saturday, November 6, 2010

Virgin Feet AND Flows Pt. 2

Before I had ever written a rhyme and all I knew how to do was kick a garbage freestyle I was in Austin, TX (early to mid 2002) at the Mercury Lounge for Hip Hop Humpday, a weekly freestyle session running for over 3 years when the good homie Element7D (aka Deon Davis) invited me on stage to kick a verse. I kicked my little trash rap and was ready to exit the stage when Element7D grabbed me and said, 'you ain't done, we gotta go back and forth.' I was nervous but wasn't gonna say no. He went first and immediately referenced the fact we both had the same shoes on, navy blue GBX boots. All I had brought with me on the trip was a pair of Nikes, so my cousin let me borrow his kicks to get into the show, cuz they wouldn't allow sneakers in the club. The rest is history. - Gotham Green (

I can't remember what shoes I had on when I rocked my first show, but they where probably not that hot. I wasn't a sneaker pimp in high school. I was into CDs and reefer sacks. My first show was in high school at a high school talent show and the more I think about it, I was probably wearing standard and very basic timberland boots. I was in high school from 1996-2000 and wore boots most of the time, it's Colorado lol. I will say that right now in my life I'm way more into sneakers and I'm looking for every DOPE pair I can get my hands on. - Whygee (

I have always loved sneakers. Growing up a poor kid I never had a nice pair. When I got older and got a great job I became a sneakerhead. I bought a pair of $500 glow in the dark air force 1's at a store in DC called Kickballers (which is no more). While I was there people were skating and a rap battle was going on. It was the first time I ever took the mic. The next day I got the mic tattooed on my arm. Me and the mic have a deep love, just as much as I love my sneakers. - Nastasjia

My first show was in 2001 at the Maple Leaf Bar in New Orleans. I stared at the floor the whole time, smh. Can't remember the kicks but they weren't fresh. I was hurting. Came a long ways from there. Now it's cordless mics & Bo Jacksons on my feet. - Nesby Phips (

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tygah Woods, Hottest Group of the Year

Left to right: Wes B, Lyriqs da Lyraciss, Slangston Hughes

L to R: Lyriqs, J-Dubble, Slangston Hughes

J-Dubble & Slangston Hughes

DJ Mike Swift & J-Dubble

A couple of weeks ago on Tuesday, October 19th, Tygah Woods took home the Hottest Group of the Year Award at the NOLA Underground Hip-Hop Awards. It's always an honor to recognized by your peers and the general public for all of the hard work and dedication to the craft and the culture. An award like this is not the end but better yet a catalyst for many more great things to come including our first full fledged LP. Shoutout to all of my fellow Tygah Woods members, J-Dubble, Mr. J'ai, Blaze the Verbal Chemist, D. Francis, Wes B, Lyriqs, Rusty Lowdown & Coke. Many, many thanks to everyone who voted and all who scream our chant across New Orleans; FUCK YEAH!!!